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At Nuts ‘n May, we breed heritage Berkshire pigs that range free in the orchard.  This means they differ markedly from large scale commercially raised pigs in terms of quality of life and taste.  Click here for an update on our pigs.

Berkshire pork is marbled, dark, naturally juicy with exceptional taste and texture.   Our piglets are kept with the sow and allowed to wean naturally.  As a slower growing breed, the pigs tend be ready for humane slaughter at around 10 months.

The famous jamón ibérico and prosciutto di Parma are made from pigs fattened with acorns or chestnuts.  Our pigs not only get acorns and chestnuts, they also eat hazels and walnuts, making for an excellent pork flavour.  

Nut fed pork has higher levels of many important vitamins and minerals and high levels of oleic acid, a heart healthy fat known to lower levels of LDL “bad” cholesterol and raise HDL “good” cholesterol levels.  

We only raise a small number of pigs and sell them to those interested in producing charcuterie or just eating good tasty pork.  We raise pigs to order for specific customers, please contact us if you wish to purchase one of our pigs.

Member of NZ Tree Crops Association

     Contact us via email at, info@nutsnmay.co.nz